Hi, I'm Jasper. I work as a game developer and freelancer in Berlin.
After graduating from the School of Art and Design Kassel (Germany) with a degree in Visual Communication (MA) I co-founded the studio Topicbird. Below, you will find a list of my past work and a selection of previous projects that display my current focus.

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- 6 years of experience developing with Unity (C#)
- editor extensions and tools for Unity to streamline the work of small and large teams
- virtual materials (Physically Based Shading, Substance Painter / Designer, Blender)
- shaders (HLSL / Shaderlab in Unity) for post processing, vertex displacement, material transitions
- procedural generation of textures (patterns, noises) and 3D meshes (landscapes, structures)
- Augmented and Virtual Reality projects (from DIY electronics and custom controllers to HTC Vive)
- release of the award winning mobile game SHI•RO on iOS and Android


- 2017 to 2018: Master class student, Prof. Joel Baumann, New Media department, School of Art and Design Kassel
- 2015: Exchange semester at Kyoto SEIKA University, Digital Creation department
- 2011 to 2017: MA Visual Communication, New Media department, School of Art and Design Kassel

Teaching & Talks

- 2018: Play Forward: EXP_experiments & EXP_eriences that question virtual gazes, Disrupt Encode Consolidate Workshop, Lancaster University
- 2017 to 2018: Radical Prototyping and game development, Kassel University
- 2016 to 2018: 2-day workshops on game development, School of Art and Design Kassel